Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

Many different industries use on-site commercial dryers to handle the large loads of laundry their businesses generate. Just like residential dryers, these commercial dryers require clean dryer vents that are free of lint and other debris in order to work safely and efficiently. Dryer Vent Wizard of the Valley’s commercial dryer vent cleaning services help to keep your commercial dryers working and prevent the dangerous conditions that cause dryer fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and harmful mold growth.

Dryer Vent Wizard of the Valley provides commercial dryer vent cleaning services for a number of business industries, including:

  • Salons & Spas: Hairdressers, nail techs, masseuses, and aestheticians use towels, sheets, and aprons regularly, causing lint to build up quickly in dryer vents.
  • Medical Centers: The clinics of doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and other medical offices often go through sheets, towels, patient gowns, and medical scrubs quickly, generating a large amount of dryer lint.
  • Restaurants: Fine dining establishments utilize commercial dryers to handle their daily loads of towels, aprons, napkins, and tablecloths.
  • Pet Care Services: In addition to the large amounts of laundry generated during animal care at veterinarian offices and groomers, excessive pet hair can add to vent blockages and requires more frequent dryer vent cleanings.
  • Childcare: Daycare centers often need to wash and dry multiple loads of laundry throughout the day. Fibers from baby clothing, diapers, blankets, washcloths, and towels can quickly clog vents and create an unsafe environment for the children.
  • Hotels: The constant washing and drying of sheets, blankets, bedspreads, towels, washcloths, and employee uniforms can result in a large amount of lint clogging in the dryer vents.
  • Laundromats: These commercial dryers are often put to constant work, generating large amounts of lint and clogs that require frequent service. The variety of fabrics and spoilage debris also put these commercial dryers at a higher risk of blockage than residential dryers.

Whichever business or industry, Dryer Vent Wizard of the Valley’s friendly staff is trained and experienced in providing the most effective commercial dryer vent cleaning services available. Throughout the greater Albany, OR area Contact us today to schedule your commercial dryer vent cleaning services.